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Princess Anna through the scenes of Frozen (2013)

“…and Jack, if you help us, we will get you your memories.”



↳1. Favourite Lady : Jane Porter

"He was confused at first, as if he had never seen another human before. His eyes were intense… and focused, and… I’ve never seen eyes like those before."

i friggin love jane so much

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"I…I 7hiNk…" Turbo rolled onto his hands and knees, then forced himself to stand. His vision was blurry, like he might be going blind again and he clung to Cupid’s arm, the racer calmed his glitching before trying to speak "Maybe not by m’self…"

She got up as well, making sure she kept him steady as she did so. “Alright. Just take it slow.” she said calmly, helping him make his way over to the couch.

"What’s bothering you right now? Are you just feeling dizzy or is it more than that?" she asked once he was laying down, not entirely sure what all of his symptoms were.

"My head hurts- an’ I ca-n’t 5eE…it’s Al| fuZzy…" Turbo answered starting to glitch again, his misery was making him vulnerable, his other persona was trying to break out. Turbo tried to put his focus into stop the glitching, but the effort was making him even more dizzy. Forget listing off his symtoms, "CyBuG…" He warned.

"C-Cybug?" she repeated, alarmed. She glanced around the room, biting her bottom lip. If he transformed could he even fit in here? Sure, the room was pretty spacious, but it would probably be a tight fit nonetheless.

Turbo waved her away. He couldn’t remember if Cupid and his other persona had ever met, but he wasn’t willing to risk the Cybug turning her into a snack. Things faded to black before Turbo could see if Cupid had made it out of harm’s way.

After the transformation, the Cybug would normally have either gone on a rampage or…well, rampage really just covered it. But the dizziness Turbo had been feeling hadn’t gone away, and this time the Cybug mewled miserably and covered his head as if that would somehow help his headache.

She hesitated a moment before dashing out of the room and into the hallway. She could have sworn she heard something crack, and grimaced. Hopefully it wasn’t anything she couldn’t fix up or replace.

"T-turbo?" she called out, peeking out from the wall she had standing behind. "Are you alright?" she asked, a look of concern on her face.

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