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'Who could that possibly be?' Cupid wondered as she made her way to the door. “T-Toni?” Her eyes widened at the sight of the Spaniard, who was completely soaked. “What are you doing out in weather like this?! Quick, come in before you catch a cold.”


i feel weird being a multishipper sometimes???? like everyone else is arguing and bashing each other and crying and i’m just like


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Eli, Eli

I pray that these things never end

The sand and the sea

The rush of the waters

The crash of the heavens

The prayers of the heart

Just One…



She hesitated a moment before following him outside, ignoring the gazes that were following them- well, him. She felt bad, not so much for the stealing though she was beginning to regret the decision, but more so because she had given the man unwanted attention.

"Well I didn’t have money with me and I didn’t think I would get caught.." she said with a slight pout. Just her luck. "The food just looked really good! A-and I wasn’t going to take much!” She added in an attempt to defend herself. It wasn’t like she stole something valuable. “And no one else noticed because they couldn’t see me. Which means they probably think you’re crazy… Sorry about that..” She said sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck.

So she was just a kid, as he had thought. She seemed young in appearance, but also reminded him of a young Italian he had dealt with a long time ago. Smiling slightly, he mussed her hair and laughed. “Most young people think I’m crazy, it’s just another generation. But if you wanted something, I could have paid for it if you had asked. So try not to steal next time, ok?”

She frowned slightly, quickly fixing her hair. Though her expression quickly changed as he continued. “R-really? I wish I had known earlier.” she half-joked, letting a smile cross her features.